Thursday, January 15, 2015

Serve up Debug Symbols for your NuGet packages? Heck yeah!


When you want to push to the symbol servers you need to use the command shown here. When you want to use the Symbol Server in Visual Studio, you need to use the debugging URL shown here in your Visual Studio's Source Symbol Server setup like so:

Now, test this bad boy out by:
  1. Upload a NuGet package to your own symbol server (as outlined in my previous post)
  2. Push its corresponding Symbols package (created by packaging with symbols via '-symbols' switch) using the push command shown on your new symbol server's page
  3. Create a new project to use the NuGet package published in #1
  4. Add NuGet package to project
  5. Run Project
  6. F11 in to code that utilizes the NuGet project
  7. Watch the magic. You should step in to source, but see that the "file" is coming from a super wacky temp location.
That's it, you're all set! Since you're using this for your own NuGet packages, I can't really see a reason *not* to publish symbol packages with your binary ones. Enjoy!

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