Monday, August 23, 2010

How to attach to Browser Helper Object (BHO) with C# in two minutes

Microsoft provided Browser Helper Object (BHO) to let developers "drive" Internet Explorer. The first BHO was introduced in 1997 with IE 4.0. I have been writing programs on BHO for months. It could be quite depressing at the very first beginning to learn all those things. Hereby, I am writing this article to help beginners like me get familiar with BHO as soon as possible.
My personal interest is actually C++. C++ programs can be a lot less memory-consuming than C# programs. But C# does provide better service on BHO comparing to C++. My first BHO program was written in C++. It took me quite a while to figure out how to handle BHO under V C++. But C# only takes me few minutes. Meanwhile, C# has lots of pleasant designs such as foreach and type conversion.
To set up a BHO Hello World Project, Lets first start a C# Class Library, as BHO is written in .dll attached to IE. You dont need a Visual Studio 2005, C# express is totally enough.
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