Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Gliffy Diagrams Is A Full-Featured Diagramming App Based On Chrome

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Having trouble drawing the perfect flowchart for your software project, or the entity-relationship diagram for its database? Need to illustrate a scenario using a Venn diagram? Wanna make a network map for your LAN or a sitemap for your website? How about a floorplan for your dream apartment? Full-featured apps that support all these and more (such as Microsoft Visio) usually cost significantly, while free single-purpose tools don't cut it for all these diagram types. Gliffy Diagrams is a Google Chrome app that makes the process of creating all such diagrams a lot easier. You can not only create a vast range of diagram types, but also modify them in plenty of ways, save the output as image files, and even export it to Google Docs, presentations, or web pages.

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