Monday, July 22, 2013

New metroTab Turns Chrome’s New Tab Page Into A Windows 8 Start Screen Clone With Live Tiles

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The Modern UI in Windows 8 works pretty well as an app launcher, and it was primarily the backlash over the removal of the Start Button that made it look as though it wasn't useful. new metroTab is a Chrome extension that turns the new tab page in Chrome into an excellent Modern UI-based app launcher complete with live tiles as well as extra apps that mimic those in Windows 8. The new tab page has tiles that can be sorted into groups, edited and deleted. The live tiles show new notifications on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. The level of customization offered by new metroTab, and how well it replicates the Modern UI is just amazing; it even features a Camera app that allows you to take pictures with your web cam, a Weather app that gives you a week-long weather forecast for your current location and an RSS reader that supports Digg, AOL, Feedly, and the now-deceased Google Reader. Everything from tile groups to the appearance and refresh rate of the tiles is customizable.

Once installed, new metroTab will add all your Chrome apps as tiles to the new tab page, along with the apps it brings itself including Weather, Camera, SkyDrive, Outlook, Feeds RSS, Vimeo, and Grooveshark, to name a few. If you're already using Windows 8, you will know how most things work.

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