Monday, October 10, 2011

Converting XML data to CLR object using XmlSerializer


My last post (Consuming a WebService from Silverlight) was all about accessing a Web Service/API from Silverlight. In the article, I described how to consume an external API, with a sample from the GeoName Web Services. This post is a continuation of that article. Here I am going to demonstrate how to convert the result output, which is in XML, to a CLR object, and of course use it as a datasource in a Silverlight app.
Source Code and Links

    GeoSearch live link – GeoSearch
    Download latest version of source code - GeoSearch

GeoSearch, the example Project

GeoName is a provider of various Web Services/API, exposing information about geographic details of places. You can visit the website here. Using their service, I am going to design a search page where the user can get the geo details based on the name.

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