Monday, July 22, 2013

QGifer Is A Video-To-GIF Converter With Tons Of Customization Options

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Animated GIFs have become so popular that it's now hard to browse the internet without coming across them. Although there has been a lot of confusion about the format's correct pronunciation, we all love creating these moving 8-bit pixels from time to time, as they provide a neat way of telling a whole story in just a few frames. We've covered a myriad of animated GIF creators for Windows in the past such as Beneton Movie GIF, GifCam, and GiftedMotion, to name a few. Fresh out of the oven is another one at your disposal called QGifer. It's an open-source application that lets you create animated GIF images from videos quickly and easily. You can also overlay captions and images on your GIF and choose a custom duration for the animation. More details after the jump.

The tool come packaged with plenty of features also and lets you fine-tune different aspects of the output file. Using QGifer is as easy as pie; when launched, you're presented with an easily understandable interface, with all the GIF adjustment options neatly organized on the left. The video preview appears on the right, accompanied by quick control buttons at the top. You can save your current project and continue later on from right where you left off.

To get started need to insert your desired video file into the app. While the developer doesn't seem to have provided details on the number of input video formats it supports, the application didn't face a hitch recognizing major ones like MOV, MP4, AVI etc.

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