Wednesday, June 05, 2013

FREE! Build Windows 8 Apps without Windows 8: Use Windows Azure!

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     Ok, you went to one of those seminars and they showed you how to build and certify a Windows 8 App, maybe you got to use the excellent Online version of Windows 8 that works on any system, but only for one day.  Now you want to do more, but there are reasons you aren't able to get Windows 8 on your machine.

Or, maybe you have a small company and don't have budget for a new Windows 8 box and need a cheap work around.  Well you can use the "Free" 90 day Windows Azure to get around this problem, at least in the US, this will vary in different countries. (A video will be done later.)

1. Go to, and if you haven't signed up for Windows Azure 90 Day Trial, then when you come back in the future, you will use the "Portal" to access your Dashboard.

2. You will need to create a virtual server, there are instructions on the site on how to do this.

3. Once you long into your new Virtrual server, now make a second user via Control Panel that has administrator rights, if you don't do this then you will not be able to run the Visual Studio.  Make sure that this new users has Adminstrative rights or you won't be able to easily log in.

4. Downgrade the server so that it can be used a client instead of a server, do this by turning the IE Security Enhancements off (which is on initially as on, but shown here as off):

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