Wednesday, May 22, 2013

MonoGame: Building Portable Solutions

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In one of my previous articles I talked about how MonoGame could be used with portable libraries, this was off the back of some work I was doing with the MonoGame team to help with some of the more tedious clean up tasks that needed doing and I had the time.

Back then it was more of a dream, today it's becoming a reality.


At the time of writing it seems that Microsoft has not implemented PCL support from the Visual Studio Express editions as they are aimed at single platform support only, if you don't have access to a PRO edition or above, then I recommend you use XAMARIN studio for now.

If you would like to see PCL support in the VS express editions, then vote with a click over on UserVoice

Why go Portable?
Now I waffled on about the theory last time for what Portable (or PCL – Portable Class Libraries) can offer with frameworks like MonoGame, especially when you want to take you're project to as many platforms as possible, the main thing you want to achieve is to only have to put into a specific platforms project that which is native to that platform and keep everything else simple and in one place.

So with this tutorial I'll walk you through the practice of what it takes to go portable and what it can do for you.

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