Monday, April 23, 2012

Wow - PlayStationSuite Open Beta - C# on the PS Vita

So I downloaded it and had thirty minutes of playtime :)

Here's a video of my experience:

Firstly I played with the UI Composer (designer) - and set up a tip calc like display (like the one in for MonoTouch, MonoDroid, WP7 and WinRT)

It was easy to do - just drag and drop the UI elements, then set their properties, including the generated variable name to use.

When finished, I just hit "Build" in the designer - this spits out:
  • a language csv resource file
  • a C# wrapper for that resource file
  • a scene.cs file - just a partial class with a constructor - this then becomes your "view controller" file for you to edit as you please
  • a scene.composer.cs file - this contains the generated code for the rest of the partial class - basically lots of layout code which matches what you drew in the designer

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