Sunday, April 01, 2012

How to Run DOS Prompt in Windows 8

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To run a DOS application in Windows 8 requires a little bit of trick. It's not as simple as to just double-click on the program and use it. But many of you are thinking that whoever will use a 16-bit program or DOS Application now a days.
But there are some tools and applications that are only supported in DOS or the operating systems until Windows XP. For example as I am the Computer Science Student then I have used Turbo C Tool which is basically supported in DOS mode (there is an alternative for this tool as well but I love to use this). Basically to run a DOS Application in Windows 8 we need a third party tool, called an emulator. The DosBox is a famous tool that helps us to to run a DOS Application in Windows 8. DosBox is an open source tool and is lightweight to install. DosBox is capable of running most DOS applications inside its environment. Here  follow the link to download it and don't worry; it is safe to use.
To run the DOS Prompt, Download the Latest Version of DosBox
Now once downloaded just install it and I don't think you need to do any installation. After installing the application the icon will be on your Desktop. Just double-click on that and the DosBox will open in your computer.

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