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Using WCF Service with Silverlight


In one of our products, we had to use WCF service with Silverlight. While working on Silverlight and WCF, I found out some very interesting things and I feel that those are worth sharing. Whenever we want to work with Silverlight and need some kind of service communication, we would encounter those common problems. In this article, we are going to discuss a few interesting findings about WCF and Silverlight Bridge.

For the purpose of demonstration, we are going to use a demo application with some simple class. Let's say we have an expense management application and we have a client build with Silverlight. And the client communicated to server via WCF. Let's take this example to fit our explanation process.
Using WCF with Silverlight

In this section, we will see how we can use WCF service with Silverlight. I am sure every reader has a nice grip on what is WCF and how we can use it in web applications. Some of the stuff is repeated and discussed again and may sound familiar. But as we need some parts as a subset, I am discussing it again. First, we would look at the basics and then we would see some other relevant tricks and information.
The WCF Basics

WCF has three basic building blocks. Those are called A,B,C of WCF. A stands for Address, B stands for Binding and C stands for contract. In a later section, we would see the most common knowledge that is necessary to work with WCF, of course communication with Silverlight context. WCF can be hosted in several ways. Most common ones are given below:

    Hosting in Internet Information Services
    Hosting in Windows Process Activation Service
    Hosting in a Windows Service Application
    Hosting in a Managed Application

We are not going to discuss about the above hosting options in this article as those need further study, and assumes to not be the focused area of the article. I would recommend that you spend some time on MSDN or Google to learn more about WCF hosting process.

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