Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Start your gaming engines with the Delta Engine Public Beta (Think ".Net game dev everywhere...")


The Delta Engine Public Beta Preview v0.9.0 has just been released. Grab your copy at http://DeltaEngine.net/Download

The Delta Engine allows you to develop applications and especially games for all major AppStore platforms completely under Windows with .NET by using your favorite tools. It is free to use (on Windows, see Licensing), Open Source and written in 100% .NET.

The Delta Engine currently supports Windows, iPad, iPhone, Android, Android Tablets, Windows Phone 7, Xbox 360, Linux, MacOS, the Web [GD:emphasis added] as well as more platforms in the future. To use non-windows platforms you will need a license (http://DeltaEngine.net/Licensing starts with v0.9.1 soon). In v0.9.0 you can already preview the build process and content generation with the Launcher and ContentManager tools.

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QR: start-your-gaming-engines-with-delta.html

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