Monday, October 03, 2011

Building Your Own Security Application with the Gemalto .NET Smart Card V2


In this article, you will learn how to use smart card that runs a .NET CLR and use it for secure storage operations and cryptographic operations. In a previous article, I described how to use a smart card certificate store with the .NET Framework security API. So what is the difference in using the CSP API and using a .NET card to achieve the same operation? The answer is a lot of flexibility and an extended security.   

The .NET smart card V2 is the equivalent of the Java card in the Microsoft ecosystem. I have used previously Java card and this .NET card brings some innovative solution to the limitation of the APDU protocol. Applications that you write into the card are exposed to the client application using an implementation of the .NET remoting technology. With this protocol, the card becomes a mini server that runs a .NET application. Of course, there are some limitations and I'll try to give some of them.

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