Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Technical design document template

I’ve been asked to create a technical design document that will be used throughout our division.
Every place I’ve worked had it’s own template so I’ve worked with several templates before.
I’ve created the following template from all my knowledge and experience from previous templates. this template is for web application based projects. It’s also take into consideration SharePoint server at the front end and Commerce Server as part of the application level.
1. General
1.1. Project general description
1.2. Solution general description
1.3. Guidelines from the functional design
1.4. Development guidelines.
1.4.1. Best Practices.
1.4.2. Standards.
2. Architecture
2.1. Physical architecture
        2.1.1. Diagram
2.2. Logical architecture
        2.2.1. Application server architecture
        2.2.2. Services server architecture
        2.2.3. SharePoint / Web architecture
3. Database
3.1. General description
3.2. Tables list
3.3. Database diagram
3.5. Stored procedures
3.6. Triggers
3.7. Jobs
4. Infrastructure
4.1. General
4.2. Logging handling
4.3. Auditing and tracing handling
4.4. Exception handling
         4.4.1. General
         4.4.2. Custom Exceptions
4.5. Monitoring
4.6. Data Access
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