Wednesday, January 22, 2014

WPF Everywhere…For REAL this time….

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I wanted to share something cool with you. Hop on over here and check out this demo video of NoesisGUI. The Noesis team has ported a powerful subset of WPF and Silverlight over to native C++ and has it up and running on Windows, OSX, Linux, Android and iOS. It's fine-tuned for realtime,, vector-based graphics and it has bindings for several major technologies such as Ogre, OpenSceneGraph and……Unity3D. That last option is what I'm most excited about. With a pro version of Unity and the Noesis library you can write XAML (even using Blend) and still write your app code in C#. With Unity, you can easily build for all the above platforms. Additionally, it fully integrates with 3D. Pretty sweet.

The folks over at Noesis Technologies have been making frequent releases to expand the supported platforms, add more WPF features, improve performance and graphics quality and….enable better support for MVVM. Yes, that's right, they're keenly interested and working towards enabling better MVVM workflow support at the API level.

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