Monday, October 14, 2013

Vulnerability in WhatsApp allows decrypting user messages

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A serious vulnerability in WhatsApp allows anyone who is able to eavesdrop on WhatsApp connection to decrypt users' messages.

Whatsapp, the mobile application for instant messaging platform has become one of the main communication tools of the present day and its popularity makes it attractive for security researchers and hackers.

This time it is debated in the protection of the messages exchanged through the application, thanks to a vulnerability in the crypto implementation they can be intercepted by an attacker.

Thijs Alkemade is a computer science student at Utrecht University in The Netherlands who works on the open source Adium instant messaging project, during its research activity he disclosed a serious issue in the encryption used to secure WhatsApp messages.

In the post titled "Piercing Through WhatsApp's Encryption" Alkemade remarked that Whatsapp has been plagued by numerous security issues recently, easily stolen passwords, unencrypted messages and even a website that can change anyone's status.
"You should assume that anyone who is able to eavesdrop on your WhatsApp connection is capable of decrypting your messages, given enough effort. You should consider all your previous WhatsApp conversations compromised. There is nothing a WhatsApp user can do about this but expect to stop using it until the developers can update it." states the researcher.

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