Thursday, August 29, 2013

Walkthrough: Create a whiteboard app in 10 minutes using XAML

Recently, I updated my Timer App to version 2. And, one feature I added was a whiteboard. Letting your user draw a picture is cool. It's also quite useful if they need to a thousand words quickly. Anyway, I wrote it and thought, "this is easy!". So, I thought I would share the technique.


There are several input devices supported by Windows 8. In fact, it's because Windows supports the Pen (stylus) that I think it beats every other platform. There's no better inking platform than Windows, but that's not the point of this article. Other than the Pen, there's touch (finger), and, of course, the mouse.

Pointer events are the roll-up of all those input mechanisms into a single, consistent event model. Where MouseDown is for the Mouse, PointerPressed is for whatever device the user is exercising. Pointer events make supporting multiple input types seamless.

MSDN: Touch, mouse, and pen/stylus interactions are received, processed, and managed as pointer input in Windows Store apps. Any of these interactions can produce a PointerPressed event. For more info, see Quickstart: Pointers.

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