Sunday, July 21, 2013

Becoming an Image Ninja with help from Dewald Esterhuizen

C# How to: Stained Glass Image Filter

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The Stained Glass Image Filter detailed in this article operates on the basis of implementing modifications upon a specified sample/input image, producing resulting images which resemble the appearance of stained glass artwork.

A common variant of stained glass artwork comes in the form of several individual pieces of coloured glass being combined in order to create an image. The sample source code employs a similar  method of combining what appears to be non-uniform puzzle pieces. The following list provides a broad overview of the steps involved in applying a Stained Glass Image Filter:

  1. Render a Voronoi Diagram – Through rendering a Voronoi Diagram the resulting image will be divided into a number of regions. Each region being intended to represent an individual glass puzzle piece. The following section of this article provides a detailed discussion on rendering Voronoi Diagrams.


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