Monday, May 27, 2013

Drive Awake For iPhone Scans Your Eyes & Prevents Drowsiness Behind The Wheel

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There can be no denying the importance of navigation apps for smartphone users, since they let them reach their destination quickly. Having said that, there is an even more important objective that you must always remember while driving, and that is to reach your destination alive and in one piece. Drunk driving, texting while driving and falling asleep on the road are among the biggest causes of automobile accidents. Of course, being sensible is always the best precaution you can take against these problems, but technology can also help you to some extent. Meet Drive Awake, an iPhone app that scans your eyes while you are driving, and literally raises the alarm as soon as your eyes start closing. Since Drive Awake has been developed in collaboration with Café Amazon, and points you to its nearest outlet whenever you are caught napping.

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