Sunday, April 01, 2012

How to Restore System to a Previous State Using Restore Point in Windows 8

Restoring a Windows Operating System to a previous state is not at all new but it can be very handy and time saving. Let's take an example; suppose you installed a new application or driver and after a while your system starts performing abnormally or it is infected by viruses from clicking on the mouse unintentionaly. Wherever the case it is, you may want to go back to a previous state, say yesterday. You can refresh or reset your system, but system restore is the best for this kind of scenarios.
System Restore is a feature of system protection that is available in the Control Panel. To access the control panel, read my previous post. To restore a system to a previous state using a restore point, you have to follow some steps.

Use the control panel, then select System and Security:

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