Sunday, April 29, 2012

Google Drive SDK

How Drive Apps Work

Drive apps allow users to create, open, save, and share files in Google Drive. Any type of file can be stored in Drive, up to the user's storage limit or maximum file size of 10GB. Most file types are indexed for search, and you can optionally provide indexable text for other resources such as drawings or video files.

The privacy and security of users' data is ensured by application authorization and file-level access control. After users authorize a third-party app to access their Drive files, then opening and saving files with that app is an uninterrupted flow very similar to what they'd experience using a local file system.

The rest of this page describes how users interact with Google Drive apps in these ways:

Installing a Drive app
Authorizing access
Granting file-level access
Opening and creating files from the Drive UI
Opening Drive files from an external app
Creating Google Drive shortcuts to external files
To get started developing an app that supports these operations, see Start Building your Google Drive application.

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