Monday, October 10, 2011

UI Automation Verify (UIA Verify) Test Automation Framework

UI Automation Verify (UIA Verify) Test Automation Framework
UIA Verify is a test automation framework that features the User Interface Automation Test Library (UIA Test Library) and Visual UI Automation Verify (Visual UIA Verify), the graphical user interface tool. The framework facilitates manual and automated testing of the Microsoft (R) User Interface (UI) Automation Provider implementation of a control or application. The majority of the UIA Verify functionality is provided through a dynamic link library (e.g., UIATestLibrary.dll) that contains the code for testing specific UI Automation functionality and supports logging of the test results.

With the Visual UIA Verify, you can quickly find and select any UI element anywhere on the desktop. Based on the specific control type and the supported control patterns, UIA Verify provides the built-in test scenarios prioritized for the particular UI element. Developers can add additional test scenarios by adding the code to the UIA Test Library. The tool can output the test results or the summary in various forms. Visual UIA Verify can output test details in HTML.

For each UI element, the available test cases are organized into three groups:

    Automation Element tests -- general test cases for the selected automation element
    Control tests -- test cases specific to the control type of the selected automation element
    Pattern tests -- test cases specific to all patterns exposed by the selected automation element

The UIA Test Library can be integrated to an existing automated test. This CodePlex project includes sample automation code in C#.

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