Tuesday, September 27, 2011

WinRT and Mono

Today Joseph mentioned to me that some of our users got the impression from my previous post on WinRT that we would be implementing WinRT for Linux. We are not working on a WinRT UI stack for Linux, and do not have plans to.

WinRT is a fabulous opportunity for Mono, because Microsoft is sending a strong message: if you want your code to run in multiple scenarios (server, desktops, sandboxed environments), you want to split your UI code from your backend code.

This is great because it encourages developers to think in terms of having multiple facades for the same code base and the direction that we have been taking Mono on in the last few years.

Use the native toolkit on each platform to produce an immersive user experience, and one that leverages the native platform in the best possible way.

These are the APIs that we envision .NET developers using on each platform:

    Windows: WinRT, Winforms, WPF (fallbacks: Gtk#, Silverlight)
    MacOS: MonoMac (fallback: Gtk#, Silverlight)
    Linux: Gtk#
    Android: MonoDroid APIs
    iOS: MonoTouch
    Windows Phone 7: Silverlight
    XBox360: XNA-based UI

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