Sunday, August 14, 2011

HTML 5 Updates for .NET 4

After we shipped .NET 4 we began working on the next version of the framework and one of the things that we have worked on for the next version of the framework is more support for HTML 5. We think that HTML 5 is so important that we have taken many of updates from the next framework and provided some of the most important ones as part of updates to .NET 4. This enables our customers to more easily develop HTML 5 applications now instead of waiting for the next framework. I’m going to highlight a couple of the updates and the major fixes they provide.

Update for the .NET Framework 4

The first update was shipped with VS 2010 SP1. You can read about the framework update here: One of the features of HTML 5 is there are now new input types such as date, url, email and more. While most browsers today don’t support these new input types you should still use them today because most mobile devices do support them and it changes the keyboard these devices display. For example specifying type=”email” will cause many phones to provide the “@” character on the keyboard. type=”email” or type=”url” will cause many phones to provide the “.com” button on the keyboard as a shortcut.

Before the update above it was illegal to use these input types in Web Forms. The following would generate an error:

<asp:TextBox id=”TextBoxEmail” runat=”server” type=”email” />

Because we were validating what values could be provided for the type= attribute. This validation was relaxed as part of the above update.

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