Sunday, October 20, 2013

ZeroMQ Reaches 4.x - New Security, Socket Type and ZMTP

This week, ZeroMQ had a major release: version 4.0.1.  Pieter Hintjens, a founder of the project, has been blogging  about the new security features specifically.  There are two other major new features in addition to the security.  Here are all three main new features:

New wire level protocol, ZMTP/3.0, see Does not yet implement the SUBSCRIBE, CANCEL, PING, and PONG commands.
New security framework, from plain user+password to strong encryption, see section below. See for a tutorial.
New ZMQ_STREAM socket type for working as a TCP client or server. See: tests/test_stream.cpp.

Check out the full release notes to find about the other new features.  If you're using language bindings for ZeroMQ, you may not want to upgrade until your bindings add support for 4.x.

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