Tuesday, October 22, 2013

MSBuild Extension Pack – October 2013

The MSBuild Extension Pack October 2013 release is now available.

The October 2013 release contains

version for those using .Net 3.5
version for those using .Net 4.0 or 4.5
Updated online help is now live @ http://www.msbuildextensionpack.com and the Nuget package(s) will be updated early next week.

 Please consult the Changeset page for all associated changes and you can get details of associated work here. At a high level this release brings the following


TFS2013\TeamBuild.cs: New support for TFS2013
Sql2014\*: Adding initial support for upcoming SQL 2014
Sql2012\Database.cs: New TaskAction="ScriptData"
Sql2008\Database.cs: New TaskAction="ScriptData"
Computer\Registry.cs: New TaskAction="DeleteValue" and TaskAction="CheckValueExists". Thanks Sean B. Durkin. Resolves 11962
TFS2012\TeamBuild.cs: New support for TFS2012.


TFS2010\12\TeamBuild.cs: Fix documentation.
TFS2010,TFS2012\TeamBuild.cs: Fix documentation
Fix 64Bit Tasks location
CodeQuality\NUnit.cs: Add FailOnFailures property to re-enable batching functionality. Resolves 11967
Web\HttpWebRequest.cs: Fix to allow empty string RequestContent Post. Resolves 11945
Framework\ILMerge.cs: Fix GenerateFullPathToTool to use ToolPath if provided
Fix 3.5 installer to include SQL2012. Up versions to 14
Framework\Metadata.cs: Update Docs to resolve 11903
AssemblyInfo\AssemblyInfo.cs: Fix handling of single line c# comments.


Populate User Principal Name when populating users.
IIS7\IIS7Website: Add support for specifying identifier on Create.
Framework\XmlFile.cs: Add ReadChildrenToMetadata property to be used with ReadElements. Fix Sample file.
Subversion\Svn: Additional error logging
Web\HttpWebRequest.cs: Enable HttpWebRequest – set contentType for Request
Subversion\Svn.cs: Fix 11734 – Add CommitMesssage property to the Svn commit action
Subversion\Svn.cs: Fix 11742 – Error message "Invalid output from SVN tool" is too broad
UI\ConfirmForm, MessageForm, PromptForm: Make the UI dialogs PromptForm, ConfirmForm, MessageForm top-most. Fix rendering issue with confirmform. Make all startup @ center screen

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