Thursday, October 24, 2013

Micro ISV

A micro ISV (abbr. mISV or μISV), a term coined by Eric Sink, is an independent software vendor with fewer than 10 or even just one software developer. In such an environment the company owner develops software, manages sales and does public relations.

The term has come to mean more than just a "one-man shop," but any ISV with more than 10 employees is generally not considered a micro ISV. Small venture capital-funded software shops are also generally not considered micro ISVs.

Micro ISVs sell their software through a number of marketing models. the shareware marketing model where potential customers can try the software before they buy it. The shareware marketing model, along with the freeware marketing model, have become the dominant methods of marketing packaged software with even the largest ISVs offering their enterprise solutions as trials via free download, e.g. Oracle's Oracle database.

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