Sunday, July 14, 2013

Red Hat will switch from Oracle MySQL to MariaDB, reports

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Is Red Hat switching from Oracle's MySQL to MariaDB for its default database management system (DBMS) in its next major operating system Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)? Officially, Red Hat hasn't decided to switch to MariaDB. Unofficially, it appears to be a different story.

According to several sources close to Red Hat, MariaDB will be RHEL 7's next main DBMS. MariaDB is the MySQL clone created and maintained by Michael "Monty" Widenius, MySQL's founder. This comes after numerous stories from Red Hat Summit in June that MariaDB would replace MySQL.

On the record, Red Hat is sticking to its story that it hasn't made up its mind yet.

Mark Coggin, Red Hat's Senior Director, of Platform Marketing still stands by his statement that "RHEL provides customers' choice by shipping with several databases supported on a 10 year life-cycle. We plan to do the same with RHEL 7 when it ships, however we are not confirming specific features such as the databases, at this time."

Coggin added that the beta of the Red Hat Software Collections 1.0 includes a wide range of dynamic languages and database options including MariaDB version 5.5, MySQL version 5.5, and PostgreSQL version 9.2."

As for RHEL 7 itself, "Despite not sharing the details, databases will be offered as part of the overall solution when RHEL 7 ships. Our intent is to offer customers broad choices and new functionality coupled with the stability that RHEL is known for."

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