Sunday, July 14, 2013

New open source releases: Reactive Extensions (Rx) libraries for Python and Ruby

Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc is releasing two new open source libraries for Reactive Extensions (Rx) today that support Python and Ruby.

Rx is a programming model that allows developers to use a common interface on multiple platforms to interact with diverse data sources and formats, such as stock quotes, Tweets, real-time events, streaming data, and Web services. Developers can use Rx to create observable sequences, and applications can subscribe to these sequences and receive asynchronous notifications as new data arrives. Rx was open-sourced by MS Open Tech in November, 2012, and since then has become an important component behind the scenes in several high-availability, including NetFlix and GitHub.

Developers direct an Observer interface to observe (subscribe to) a data source, which is called an Observable Interface in Rx. The Observer Interface waits for and then reacts to pushed data until it is sent a signal from the Observable Interface that there is no more data to react to. An Observable interface maintains a list of dependent Observer interfaces and notifies them automatically of any state changes. Employing such a model is useful for performance and reliability in many scenarios, especially in UI-heavy client environments in which the UI thread is blocked while waiting for events.

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