Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Google's Latest Machine Vision Breakthrough

Google Research recently released details of a Machine Vision technique which might bring high power visual recognition to simple desktops and even mobile computers. It claims to be able to recognize 100,000 different types of object within a photo in a few minutes — and there isn't a deep neural network mentioned. It is another example of the direct 'engineering' approach to implementing AI catching up with the biologically inspired techniques. This particular advance is based on converting the usual mask-based filters to a simpler ordinal computation and using hashing to avoid having to do the computation most of the time. The result of the change to the basic algorithm is a speed-up of around 20,000 times, which is astounding. The method was tested on 100,000 object detectors using over a million filters on multiple resolution scalings of the target image, which were all computed in less than 20 seconds using nothing but a single, multi-core machine with 20GB of RAM.

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