Wednesday, June 19, 2013

LINQ Extensions Library

A library of LINQ extensions for statistical analysis, sequence generation and manipulation, pattern detection, pivot transformation and more.
New to release

Custom Sort:
New OrderBy/ThenBy extensions designed to sort on demand when multiple sort levels are requested. 
In addition, the new sort extensions allow for using custom sort algorithms that can take advantage of particular scenarios: if the source array is somewhat ordered Merge sort might be more efficient. Overall speed improvements measure of up to 50% gain!

Supported sort algorithms:
  • Quick
  • Heap
  • Merge
  • Bubble
  • Insert
  • Shell
  • Select

New to release

  • Combinatronics:
    • Combinations (unique)
    • Combinations (with repetition)
  • Permutations (unique)
  • Permutations (with repetition)
  • Convert jagged arrays to fixed multidimensional arrays
  • Convert fixed multidimensional arrays to jagged arrays
  • ElementAtMax
  • ElementAtMin
  • ElementAtAverage

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