Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ć Programming Language

   cito automatically translates the Ć programming language to C, Java, C#, JavaScript, ActionScript, Perl and D. Ć is a new language, aimed at crafting portable programming libraries, with syntax akin to C#. The translated code is lightweight (no virtual machine, emulation nor large runtime), human-readable and fits well the target language (including naming conventions and documentation comments).

Current version of Ć doesn't support standalone programs or even console output, so your "Hello world" could be the following library:

public class HelloCi
    public static string GetMessage()
        return "Hello, world!";
See here for a slightly bigger example and its translations. See ASAP and FAIL for real programs written in Ć.

How to install

cito is written in C#.

On Windows you need .NET Framework 3.5. Download cito binaries and extract cito.exe and cipad.exe to a directory in your PATH environment variable.

On other platforms install Mono. Mono runs .NET executables:

mono cito.exe

For your convenience, create Mono wrapper scripts such as:

exec /usr/bin/mono /usr/local/lib/cito/cito.exe "$@"
so that you can type cito instead of mono cito.exe.

If you want to compile cito from source code, see compilation instructions.

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