Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Xamarin previews C# async on iOS and Android

One of the most requested features we’re hearing at Xamarin these days is support for async in C#.  Today, we are very happy to announce the first preview of async support in our products. The code is available now on the Alpha channel in the Xamarin Updater.

First-class support for asynchronicity is a powerful and brilliantly simple language tool.

  • It makes it easy to write responsive user interfaces, which in turn makes for delighted users
  • It makes complex workflows, with their error handling, natural to write.  This translates into proper error messages and proper program recovery; and finally
  • By letting the compiler do the work for you, it eliminates bugs from your code, and enables you to enjoy your work and to focus on what really matters for your application.
This is best seen by watching it in action.  See how this piece of old C# code turns into a piece of beauty.  Error handling and dealing with the UI thread go from painful to trivial. To learn more about how to use async start from this article.

While asynchronicity is the main theme of this release, we also pack two years of improvements to the Mono runtime spread over more than 7,000 individual commits that are now available to Android, Mac and iOS users.

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