Thursday, December 20, 2012

How To Run Quake 2 For Free on OpenShift

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We've been adding a lot of great features to OpenShift lately but we've also been working on some cool demos behind the scenes. The OpenShift operations team loves this cloud stuff and we love pushing it to its limits. We've also got a few gamers on hand, so with that in mind we worked to get quake2-gwt up and running on OpenShift. This version of Quake 2 runs in your web browser.

This is one of those ah-hah moments for some people who haven't seen much HTML5 content before. Everything in the demo is running either on OpenShift or in your browser.

Let's get started!
To get started the first thing you need is to get an OpenShift account at Then create a jbossas-7 app either in the web interface or via the command-line tools:

$ rhc app create -a quake2 -t jbossas-7
This will have created a simple "hello-world" jbossas-7 application. These next steps will override that repo with the quake2 quickstart repo that has already been prepared.

$ cd quake2
$ git remote add upstream -m master \
$ git pull -s recursive -X theirs upstream master
Last to do is a push:

$ git push

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