Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Consuming a WCF Service with an unmanaged C++ client with credential passing

After much hassle I eventually got this working. This post explains how I got it to work and will try and pull together several information sources I found during the investigation.

Service, Step 1 – Bindings and Security

To maximize the interoperability of the WCF service, whilst maintaining credential flow, the WCF service needs to be setup in a particular way. The most critical issue is choosing the correct bindings and security settings; I spent ages trying to get a basicHttpbinding with security mode “TransportWithMessageCredentials” to work. This turned out to be the wrong way to do it (in our scenario). The eventual security mode was “Transport” with the transport clientCredentialType set to “Windows”

<binding name="basic">
 <security mode="Transport">
  <transport clientCredentialType="Windows" />
This basically says that the security should be provided by the transport layer (SSL with http – https), with windows credentials being passed at the transport layer (http headers – I think). The next problem is getting the service hosted in IIS.

Service, Step 2 – IIS setup

The credentials in IIS must match the service’s binding configuration. In this case this means setting the security settings to disable anonymous access and enable Windows authentication. Note that the service must be hosted on a SSL site (see this post for how to set this up). Try to build and view the service

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