Sunday, October 23, 2011

Introducing the Microsoft “Roslyn” CTP

What is Roslyn?

In the past, our compilers have acted as black boxes – you put source text in and out the other end comes an assembly. All of that rich knowledge and information that the compiler produces is thrown away and unavailable for anyone else to use.

As Soma mentions in his blog, a part of the Visual Studio languages team is working on a project called Roslyn with a goal to rewrite the C# and VB compilers and language services in managed code. With a clean, modern, managed codebase our team can be more productive, innovate faster, and deliver more features sooner and with better quality.

More importantly, we are opening up the C# and Visual Basic compilers and exposing all that rich information and code analysis to be available for your use. We expose a public API surface and provide extension points in the C# and VB language services.

This opens up new opportunities for VS extenders to write powerful refactorings and language analysis tools, as well as allow anyone to incorporate our parsers, semantic engines, code generators and scripting in their own applications.

Download the October 2011 CTP

The CTP and supporting materials can be downloaded from:

The main goal of this early preview is to gather feedback on the API design and to introduce the C# Interactive window (also known as REPL, or Read-Eval-Print-Loop).

QR: introducing-the-microsoft-roslyn-ctp.aspx

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