Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Loudtalks (Beta) Turns Your Android Device Into A Walkie-Talkie


Loudtalks (beta) is a free cross-platform push-to-talk (PTT) app for Android that turns your device into a walkie-talkie and allows you to talk with others in private or over public channels. Multi-platform support, real-time streaming with high quality voice, contacts availability and text status, multiple public channels for up to 100 users and in-app facility to map a hardware push-to-talk button are some of the highlighting aspects of Loudtalks. In addition, you can create multiple accounts, manage contacts, create a new conversation channel with personalized PTT privileges and set your Loudtalks status, status message, audio alerts, theme color and manage contacts as you like. All you need is a valid Loudtalks account to start indulging in conversations with online users all over the world.

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